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Instrument Repair Price Schedule

This is a comprehensive list of common repairs offered by Lorien Guitar Recovery.

Evaluation for Repair N/C
Troubleshooting 25.00+
General Unlisted Repairs  
Minimum Bench Charge (MBC) $25.00
Hourly Rate (Billed in 15 minute increments) + parts $50.00
Instrument Restring  
Acoustic Guitar (Includes fretboard clean and condition) $12.00
Acoustic Bass (Includes fretboard clean and condition) $15.00
Electric Solid Body Guitar (Includes fretboard clean and condition) $15.00
Electric Hollow/Semi Guitar (Includes fretboard clean and condition) $20.00
Violin  $15.00
Banjo (Includes fretboard clean and condition) $20.00
Mandolin (Includes fretboard clean and condition) $20.00
String Instrument Set-Up  
Acoustic Guitar $50.00
Acoustic Bass $60.00
Electric Solid Body Guitar  $70.00
Electric Hollow/Semi Guitar $90.00
String Instrument Fret Work  
Fret Dress: level and recrown frets $150.00
Refret Acoustic Bound neck $400.00
Refret Acoustic Unbound Neck -  $350.00
Refret Electric Bolt-On Neck Bound or Unbound $325.00
Refret Electric Set-Neck Bound $400.00
Refret Electric Set-Neck Unbound $375.00
Improve Action/Playability  
Truss rod Adjustment $15.00
Saddle adjustment, Nut repair $25.00+
Pickup Installation    
Acoustic piezo or soundboard transducer $65.00
Solid Body Electric Guitar or Bass $60.00
Hollow/Semi Electric Guitar $85.00
Upgrade Work  
Custom Bone Nut  (most instruments) $75.00
Custom Bone Saddle $65.00
Replace Acoustic Nut & Saddle with Bone $50.00
Structure Repairs  
Bridge Reglue $60.00
Repair Broken Headstock  $80.00
Repair Top/Side/Back Crack  (acoustic guitar) $150.00+
Major Repairs  
Neck Reset (Dovetail Joint) Martin, Gibson, Guild, etc. $200+
Neck Reset (Bolt-on) Collings, older model Taylors, Mossman, etc.       $150+
Finish Touchup or Refinishing $120+
Solid Body Electric Repainting $450+
Vintage Guitar Restoration $450+