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Lorien Guitar Recovery News - 11/20/23

Vol. 1, Issue 1
Lorien Guitar Recovery News
28163 Southeast Highway 212
Boring, OR 97009
Hours: Wed-Sat 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
*Closed: Sun-Tues
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About Lorien Guitar Recovery News

Welcome to the debut issue of the new monthly LGR News. As we enter the 2023 holiday season, we are pleased to present this newsletter to our previous, new and soon to be customers.



About Lorien Guitar Recovery

Located 15 miles Southeast of downtown Portland, Lorien Guitar Recovery’s mission is to provide low cost, highly playable, sonically pleasing guitars and other folk string instruments.

LGR has recently transitioned a new POS (point-of-sale) platform for retail/online sales with enhanced work order and customer management systems. Web visibility for product inventory is updated often as we implement and adapt this new ecommerce platform.

Our inventory is mostly stocked with instruments from recycled sources; either previously owned or from a factory authorized refurbisher. In addition, LGR is also the only authorized dealer of Nashville Guitar Works products in the Portland/Vancouver area; which are new.  We refurbish older guitars and other stringed instruments and also buy new refurbished instruments from factory authorized refurbishers. But what does “refurbish” mean?

Lorien Guitar Recovery Refurbish Process

  • Hardware is inspected, fasteners tightened, non-functional pieces are replaced
  • All surfaces are treated and/or polished, dents and chips are repaired when appropriate
  • Rosewood pieces and fretboards are oiled with Lemon oil
  • Electronics are tested, all contacts cleaned, broken electronics are replaced
  • Saddles and nuts are inspected, if compromised, they are replaced.
  • The instrument is then re-assembled with new strings
  • The instrument receives a basic setup for playability


Factory Authorized Refurbished Instruments


We sell factory authorized refurbished instruments, sourced through one of the largest instrument recyclers in the US. These instruments are typically 6 months - 3 years old, and most likely to come directly from the factory or returned from large dealers.

These instruments are deemed to have flaws and are thus “rejected” for the “new” market. These flaws can be cosmetic; like a paint glitch, scratch or an “off color” paint job. Some need simple (not visible) repairs like re-soldering electronics. Some need more complex repairs that once fixed may be visible; like an acoustic with a cracked soundboard.

Once repaired or refurbished, they are re-boxed, marked as used and given a new serial number. Then they are made available to dealers like me for re-sale. It is not uncommon to find nothing wrong, and no visible repair, and are incredible deals. They are like new! We carry Fender, Guild, Gretsch, Breedlove, Epiphone, Samick, Ibanez, Jackson, Squier and more but at 30-60% off the going market price at the big chain stores.


Featured Instruments

Breedlove Discovery S Concert Sitka / Mahogany Left Hand

Sale Price: $319.00

Gretsch G5230LH EMTC JET Silver Left Hand

Sale Price: $599.00


Gretsch Resonator B-Stock

Sale Price: $489.00

Bluegrass Dobro Hound Dog M-14 Metal Body - Nickel

Sale Price: $679.00

Consignment Instruments

Fender American Jeff Beck Signature Production 

Sale Price: $1800.00

Schecter Hellraiser

Sale Price: $700.00

Nashville Guitar Works

NGW Orchestra Acoustic  - Natural

Sale Price: $199.00

NGW Tele-Style Guitar - Black

Sale Price: $189.00



The next issue of Lorien Guitar Recovery News is scheduled for mid-December. 
Thank You!
Lorien Guitar Recovery
28163 Southeast Highway 212
Boring, OR 97009
(503) 766-3502
Hours: Wed-Sat 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
*Closed: Sun-Tues
Map  Store Pics & 360° Images