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Saving the World, one Guitar at a Time.

Our Story

Located in the crisp verdant valleys of Boring, Oregon, our small country store Lorien Guitar Recovery is founded on the belief that the love for music can go hand in hand with loving the environment. What started out as an interest to learn the guitar on a budget, evolved into a business of creating sustainable ways to enjoy our favorite sounds. Our inventory is stocked with guitars only from recycled sources, either previously used or from a factory authorized refurbisher.


Man playing a guitar in the woods
Man with an assortment of guitars in front of a truck
Red truck with guitars in the woods


The Process

Skilled instrument technicians take instruments from previous owners and refurbish each one to our quality, playable standards. We take our time with careful procedures and diagnostics, so instruments really do get another full life. In addition, every authorized refurbished (refurbished by another facility) instrument we sell endures numerous rounds of testing and inspection, more inspection than ones sold from top ranking manufacturers. We offer our community sustainable and affordable products, encouraging the power of music to everyone, no matter who you are.

Man polishing a fretboard 
Acoustic guitar in front of a brick wall
Close up of a guitar on a stand.